An eminent manufacturer and exporter of High Speed Table Fan, Electric Pedestal Fan, Electric Iron Press, etc.
About Our Company 

With constant research and innovation, we, North Axis International LLP have been able to introduce excellent Electric Appliances. Our popular range comprises High Speed Ceiling Fan, Electric Iron Press, Electric Ceiling Fan, Farrata Pedestal Fan, High Speed Pedestal Fan, etc. Because of their great performance and longevity, these products are regarded as reliable. Our inventions are all energy efficient, which is one of the reasons for their popularity. We have made our items available at competitive prices for the convenience of our consumers. 

We have achieved the reputation of a dependable manufacturer in a short period of time. This is the result of our efforts to provide the best solutions. Furthermore, customers all across the world are happy with our quality-oriented approach. Before being shipped, each item provided to them is thoroughly tested. For the process, we have set up a separate unit which is equipped with the most up-to-date tools, which our professionals use to inspect the features and operations of the manufactured line. Our company has been supplying 100% defect-free items thanks to the implementation of a strong quality control system. 

Why North Axis International LLP?

Our company aspires to satisfy clients by providing new solutions that make life easier and smoother. We are now regarded as leader, having pioneered new concepts that have redefined categories and set trends that others can only imitate. With this strength, North Axis International LLP is still going strong and vibrant to enter/re-enter homes to transform lifestyles. Our team gives its best to please the valued customers with our products and services in order to develop values-based partnerships. Customers see us as the best partner because:

  • All our products are world-class and are marketed at very affordable cost 
  • We assure buyers about swift as well as safe delivery of appliances 
  • Every item is tested by experts before its shipment 

Core Values  

We believe in treating our customers with respect and thrive on creativity, invention, and innovation to win their heart. Integrity, honesty, and corporate ethics are ingrained in every operation. Our progress in less time as a manufacturer of Electric Iron Press, High Speed Ceiling Fan, etc., is the result of serving the industry with truthfulness. 
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